The Problem: 

The majority of the world’s cities are vulnerable to floods, and most people do not have a plan in place to safely shelter or evacuate. Even in the developed world, a changing climate will cause more frequent and severe floods.. The Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre needed a game that would engage local RCRC society members in focused conversations about planning and preparing for floods.

The solution:

SURE! is played by 10+ people in a room where paper cards are placed on the floor to represent a community. Players must first prepare for an imminent flood by distributing resources to buildings in the community they wish to protect before time runs out. Then, a flood is simulated. After that, there is a round where the players get to make a plan of action before the flood to protect themselves and vulnerable people in the community. In the second round, players learn that planning and organization greatly improve outcomes in flood situations.

Additional Resources: 

Download Game Here