Game design is a science, not just an art. We approach each game using our unique methodology to ensure results and maximize impact. This means basing our ideas on quantitative and qualitative data, meticulous research, and the principles of participatory design.


Qualitative Data

Review of Literature 
Surveys / Focus Groups / Interviews 
Rapid Ethnography 

Design Thinking

User Stories 
Structured Brainstorming 
Pile & Sort 
Custom Exercises

Participatory Design

Inception Workshops
Play Based (e.g. Design Improv) 


We worked with a large VR production company to understand how VR could be used as an intervention in a clinical setting. We started by compiling a comprehensive literature review of similar play-based interventions. Next we worked with hospital staff to create user stories. Finally, we went through a series of structured brainstorms to create the final idea.

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