Full Design

When a prototype is ready, we take it to the next level. This means a fully working version of your serious game. We develop it into its final form while continuing to thoroughly playtest it and vet it with data from those playtests. We are obsessed with data and detail. Here, testing by a statistically significant number of users is our key to success.

Finalizing your serious game

  • Manage Quality Control

  • Debug Software

  • Consult On Data Collection & Analysis

  • Finalize Assets

  • Polish UI/UX

  • Test Onboarding



We worked with Northeastern University and DARPA to develop an Alternate Reality Game played over Slack and in the real world. The game collected massive amounts of user data for a study on unpredictable and uncertain work environments. Polished video assets, downloadable image assets, and playful UI elements created a multimedia escape room experience hosted by an advanced puzzle-solving AI.

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