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Our ideas work because we use qualitative research, participatory design, and design thinking to create and vet them.

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We create a prototype that brings your game idea to life. We play with testers repeatedly until we know it gets results AND is incredibly fun to play.

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Full Design

Ready to go to the next level? We’ll create a fully polished version of your game.


Research & Analysis

Want to know if your game really works? We can rigorously test your game and measure the results.


Case Studies



Client: Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Center

A physical game that engages members of the Red Cross Red Crescent around flood preparedness.


Client: BRACED, Overseas Development Institute

A board game used as a research instrument to test the resilience of microfinance groups in rural Africa.


client: DARPA, Northeastern University

An Alternate Reality Game (ARG) played on Slack. This game is a research instrument to measure the adaptability of teams.


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