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We use games and play to get results. Using data-driven design, we create games that allow players to experience the issues, to test their assumptions and knowledge, and to have fun. If you are looking for an innovate approach to do any of the following, then please contact us:

  • Engage people around a brand, issue,or idea.
  • Create a new scalable and efficient way to train employees.
  • Shift behavior to create new habits.
  • Something completely different (we love using games in ways that they have never been used before).



The Power of Games


Experimentation and Learning

Games create experiential learning. Taking actions in a game offers players direct feedback and the opportunity to reinforce what they learn by applying knowledge. When players lose they are motivated to try again and apply knowledge correctly because they are having fun.

Systems Thinking

Games are dynamic systems ideal for modeling and explaining complex concepts. In games, players interact with systems and the system changes dynamically according to the actions that the player takes. In this way players understand how even small actions can have profound effects.

Perspective Taking

Games are incredibly effective at building empathy and understanding. Players can inhabit and understand others’ perspective through roleplay. We have found that perspective taking is often the first step in shifting behavior and cultural norms.

Games are separate from everyday life. They tell stories and enable players to tell their own. Tying narrative into the game enriches all of the  categories in this list and allows people to create and share ideas that might otherwise be missed.


Play is fun. Fun is incredibly motivating and it is intrinsic to all good games. This is important because it gets people involved for sustained periods of time without other incentives. Fun is the secret to sustained engagement.

It’s fun!


Sam Liberty

Sam is a designer obsessed with how games make meaning. He was Senior Game Designer at the Engagement Lab at Emerson College, where he designed impactful games for organizations at the highest levels of government and civil society. He has created and run workshops on games for real world impact for organizations like the United Nations Development Programme and the MIT Media Lab, and has consulted for Boy Scouts of America and at primary schools on games curricula. As a consultant, he’s designed games for clients such as the U.S. Department of Defense and MIT Lincoln Labs. Additionally, he’s designed a number of award winning party, roleplaying, and tabletop strategy games. He currently lectures at Northeastern University on the topics of game design and game criticism and theory, and explores ways of spreading knowledge and changing behaviors and outlooks for a safer, more prosperous, and resilient world.

Twitter: sa_liberty
Medium: sa_liberty

wade headshot.png

Wade Kimbrough

Wade is a highly accomplished game designer with substantial experience making games and playful interventions for large NGOs. His methodology is data-driven and he specializes in using a variety of traditional and non-traditional research instruments to make informed choices on the design of a game. While working at the Engagement Lab @ Emerson College he designed games for organizations such as the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, UNICEF Ghana, The World Bank, The World Wild Life Fund, and others.


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